Individual Membership

Individual Unlimited Membership includes the hunter, spouse, and minor children. Guest passes are only required for waterfowl hunting. Five (5) free guest waterfowl hunts per year are included.

Individual Unlimited Membership: $3,700 per year

What's included in the price?
* Unlimited hunting days
* Five (5) free guest passes
* Lodging and dining
* Camping, trail riding, and RV access
* Equipment, decoy, and ATV storage
* Dog trial and training access

Summer Dog-Training Memberships

Individual Dog Training: $250 per year

Club Dog Training: $1,000 per year

Indian Meadows' goal is to enable the most memorable outdoor experiences with the finest hunting, camaraderie, and ambiance possible. We consider our members as partners in maintaining this environment and managing the wildlife. Safety is paramount - we reserve the right to deny services to anyone hunting carelessly.

Our members commit for a year at a time, and we commit to reserving the best possible outdoor experience exclusively for them. Membership fees can be prorated for those initially joining after the hunting season has begun - please call for details.


Is the property on the river?
Yes, the property includes acreage on both sides of the South Platte river and several miles of wetlands and sloughs south of the North Sterling Ditch.

Are your membership numbers limited?
Yes, we have a maximum of 27 members.

Do you have a rest plan for waterfowl hunting?
Yes. The Membership Governance Committee has put together a plan setting aside certain days and areas to allow the wildlife to rest. The plan is adjusted slightly each year to best manage our resources. We also employ RancherCams to allow members to see the status of our watershed without having to disturb the wildlife.

How are 4-wheelers managed?
ATVs are welcome at the club and make the overall experience very enjoyable. We have a lot of acreage, so it is difficult to reach everything on foot or by pickup. The Membership Governance Committee has established clearly marked "Drive" and "No-Drive" zones to let members get around without disturbing the wildlife.

How are hunting sites assigned?
Members conduct two (2) draws per day for particular blinds and hunting areas.