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Turn-by-turn directions from Denver

I-76 East to Exit 90B - Snyder - Hwy 71 North (just past Ft. Morgan @ the Brush, CO exit).
Landmarks for this exit are the Wendy’s, Conoco, and Tomahawk Truck Stop.
Set odometer to zero at the Tomahawk Truck Stop.
Go north on Hwy 71 -- it curves east at 1.2 miles and back north at 2.7 miles.
You will cross the Platte River at 4.9 miles.
Just after crossing the Platte River, you will come to the town of Snyder.
Turn right at the second street on your right past the river - this is “2nd Street.”
Go straight on this street through “town” - about 1/8 mile.
There is a tight S-turn at the east end of town and then the road changes names to Rd. W.7
( * you may, or may not, see the small green sign indicating Rd. W.7)
Travel east on Rd. W.7 (parallels the river) for 4 miles where the pavement turns to gravel.
At that point you will see large pine trees on the right, and the entrance to the Indian Meadows lodge is just .1 mile on the right, once you hit the gravel. The lodge is an old farm house with a circle driveway all the way around it, and barns in back to the south.